Newborn photography Aberdeen, what to expect from your session

July 6, 2018

Here is little blog post about what to expect when you visit Hayley Fraser Photography for a newborn baby photography session.

1. Its a time to relax. Its pretty busy and tiring being parents to a newborn baby. I don’t want you to stress about coming to the studio, all you need to do is get here and I can assure you it is a relaxing environment. Put your feet up, watch me work, watch a movie, do whatever you want to do. We have tea and coffee making facilities at the studio, help yourself to snacks, bring your own food if you wish, theres wifi and a chill area, make yourself at home. The session will generally take a few hours so I want you to be as comfortable as possible during that time.

2. If you have older siblings with you we have a garden they can play in, a box of toys and kids DVDs in the studio to keep them entertained. Feel free to bring iPads, games, snacks or anything else that you think might help keep them happy during the session. Where older siblings are coming we do these set ups first.

3. I always do a minimalistic set up. I get lots of photos from this part, its a simple but beautiful set up of just your baby and all those gorgeous baby details, I photograph lots of different angles, close ups and wide shots.

4. Family and sibling images are included in the session. I like to keep these fairly neutral so wear white or grey for a timeless look.

5. We have lots of colours, textures and props in the studio to create a set up that is unique to you. I am happy to set up things for you or you can choose your own.

6. Feel free to bring that special blanket that Granny knitted or the teddy that you bought for your baby. I can incorporate them in the images for you.

7. Pets are welcome. I have photographed many dogs with their newborns as well.

8. Most of the time your baby will have just a nappy on and I cover it up but I do take the nappy of at the end. Please don’t worry if your baby pee’s or poo’s on me or my blankets. Everything is washable and Im quite used to it.

9. Sometimes babies will cluster feed through the session or be quite alert, this is fine and totally normal. We will get there in the end it might just take a bit longer to get through the session.

10. The studio is warm. This keeps your baby settled and I keep an eye on the temp throughout the session but we might get a bit hot so wear cool clothing.

11. I don’t do any uncomfortable or unnatural poses and they are all very safe for your baby.

12. I endeavour to provide you with a full gallery of images with lots of variety. Check out beautiful baby Zara’s gallery as an example below.

If you have any questions about my newborn sessions or if you would like to enquire to book then drop me an email on


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