Qualifying with the Master Photographer Assosiation

May 1, 2017

Back in March I applied to qualify with the Master Photographer Association and I thought I would write a little blog about my experience. I had wanted to gain this qualification for a while but it was a daunting process. It was important for me though as I wanted a bit of feedback on my work. I really do strive to provide exceptional photography for my clients. I am a perfectionist and I wanted to make sure I was on the right track. I didn’t do it just for the shiny certificate on my wall or the letters that can be used after my name. I did it for my own career progression. When you have your own business the only performance review you get it the one that you give to yourself so this was a way of pushing myself forward. Not only do you have to provide a panel of printed images to be judged but you have to complete and extensive and detailed working profile. I decided to go for the portraiture category and work on getting my newborn photography portfolio ready. After a year of working on my images and working profile I was ready to travel to Birmingham to the photography show to be judged! It was nerve-wracking stuff handing over my portfolio and watching my images carefully handled with white gloves and placed on display but it was so worth it. I received a high score for my licentiate qualification and some great feedback and now I will be working towards the next level of qualification. Here is some words sent to me from the MPA along with my submission images. The panel consisted of 5 images from two seperate sessions to show my workflow and also 10 individual images all from seperate sessions. I am looking forward to working towards the next level and delighted that I passed.

The judges’ comments given to Hayley Hadden, included words like sheer quality, impact, stunning, outstanding and unique, which explained the strength of the whole panel.
Licentiateship of the MPA, is the hardest qualification to achieve within the photographic profession, as this takes a great deal of time, work and dedication to your art to reach this level. Entering the Association at probationary level and reaching the required high standards of this qualification is such a massive achievement.
Not only do you have to submit an extensive panel of photographic images, which are displayed and judged in front of 5 highly respected Fellows of the industry, but you also must produce an in depth working profile, about your work and business practices. This document goes into the Health & Safety elements that must be understood when dealing with the public, also have professional insurances that protect the public.
This is the reason why the public should only book a qualified professional photographer to photograph those precious memories in life, their wedding, pets or family and children, as it’s the only way they have of knowing they will get the best creative photographs and personal service possible.

baby photography aberdeen-1-4.jpg
baby photography aberdeen-16.jpg
baby photography aberdeen-13 (1).jpg
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newborn photgraphy aberdeen-32 copy.jpg
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newborn photgraphy aberdeen-25 copy.jpg
newborn photgraphy aberdeen-16 copy.jpg
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